Learn From An Agency Owner & DTC Founder

In this episode we interview entrepreneur Sully Tyler and talk about his golf club brand that he scaled to 10 million in revenue and sold earlier this year. Sully also runs an email marketing agency called Ecom Growers and his own personal blog where he’s trying to grow traffic.

Show Notes:

  • 2012 accidental entrepreneur
  • Volusion, Big Commerce, Shopify
  • Worked with 4 students and designed a golf driver
  • Facebook ads first
  • Scaled to under 10M
  • MER - Metrics P&L
  • Forget attribution
  • High engagement, conversational, founder-base emails
  • A, B, C quiz on new products
  • Get customer to feel like they're building brand with you

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Learn From An Agency Owner & DTC Founder
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